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SEO - Google AdWords Essential Training Lynda Free

SEO - Google AdWords Essential Training Lynda Free
SEO - Google AdWords Essential Training Lynda Free
Author: David Booth
Level: Beginner | Duration: 6h 10m | free date: 09 - Jun, 2011

Leverage the facility of paid search advertising, the foremost direct and measurable advertising medium existing, victimization the leading platform during this area, Google AdWords. Author David Booth shows the way to begin victimization this advertising platform to achieve a huge audience of potential customers with relevant electronic communication and live the ROI from their activities.

The course additionally provides associate introduction to paid search advertising, an summary of the AdWords platform and interface, and lessons on keyword analysis, conversion following, and campaign optimisation.

Topics include:

Understanding paid search advertising terms and definitions
Creating associate account and your initial campaign
Targeting locations, languages, and alternative demographics
Writing effective text ads and victimization image ad formats
Making ads stand out with extensions
Setting and managing advertising budgets
Understanding bidding choices
Researching, organizing and adding keywords
Understanding advertizer needs and your quality score
Installing conversion following code and group action with Google Analytics
Optimizing ads victimization dynamic keyword insertion
Ad split testing and landing page testing
Working with the Offline Editor

Social Media Marketing

Getting the foremost from this course

1. attending to understand AdWords
Dissecting on-line advertising
Understanding pay-per-click advertising
Valuing the advantages of AdWords
Defining supported ad sorts
Learning terms and definitions
Knowing advertizer needs

2. obtaining Started
Exploring wherever ads show up
Understanding the structure
Creating associate account
Choosing between charge choices

3. Navigating the AdWords Interface
Learning the interface
Exploring the My Account tab
Understanding the updates to the charge tab

4. beginning Your initial Campaign
Organizing campaigns and ad teams in your account
Exploring the Campaigns tab
Creating a campaign victimization the default choices

5. Customizing Your Campaign Settings
Targeting by location and language
Targeting completely different networks and devices
Understanding bidding choices and setting a budget
Setting your delivery methodology
Adding your business location
Showing product from your Google bourgeois Center
Adding extension options to your text ads
Setting dates and programming ads
Defining ad delivery choices
Using demographic bidding

6. making Your initial Ad cluster
Structuring ad teams in your campaign
Creating text ads
Creating image ads and victimization the show ad builder
Understanding and making mobile ads
Adding keywords
Bidding at the keyword and ad cluster levels

7. Optimizing Your Ads
Learning rules and tips for nice ads
Learning rules for image ads
Writing nice ads
Using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI)
Testing your ads with a split take a look at

8. Researching Keywords
Valuing keyword analysis
Understanding keyword match sorts
Including negative keywords
Evaluating a keyword
Using the Keyword tool
Creating ad teams from keyword analysis

9. Understanding the Auction and Quality Score
Understanding however the auction works
Understanding Quality Score
Identifying Quality Score problems
Addressing Quality Score problems

10. victimization the Google show Network
Learning regarding the Google show Network (GDN)
Evaluating your performance on the GDN
Creating a placement-targeted campaign
Understanding CPM bidding
Using the location and class Exclusion feature
Remarketing with audiences

11. following Ad Performance
Understanding conversion sorts
Understanding Conversion following
Installing Conversion following code
Learning the fundamentals of AdWords reports
Integrating Google Analytics with AdWords
Importing Google Analytics goals

12. Understanding Landing Pages
Keeping folks from clicking the rear button
Understanding however landing pages have an effect on Quality Score
Testing landing pages with web site Optimizer

13. Optimizing for Traffic
Understanding reach and market share
Using the Traffic computer
Widening world wide web with keywords
Getting additional clicks with bids

14. Optimizing for Conversions
Defining your goals and measure ROI
Understanding conversion metrics and victimization the Conversion Optimizer

15. operating Offline with AdWords Editor
Understanding AdWords Editor
Using AdWords Editor

16. Troubleshooting
Using the Ad Preview and diagnosing tool
Diagnosing keyword issues






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